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Buying Instagram Followers, Why Not?

The vast growing of technology, including many devices and gadgets, have an enormous impact for the digital media, especially the cyberspace. The internet users has increase up to 3 billion of people. The increasing of internet users in line with the increasing of the smartphone users. Smartphone and all its easy-to-use features have impact in rapid growing many social media, such as Facebook, twitter and Instagram. Those social media help us to connect with other people without need face to face meetings.


The Development of Social Media

Along with the time, with the social media development, its function also experience the evolution. They using social media now not only to ‘meet’ in virtual with an old friends, but also for business. Business in social media has more beneficial effect. Instagram is one of the most common social media use for business. Instagram has over 200 million users until now. Through Instagram, seller would easily sell their products with pictures of the product shown on timeline. And for the buyers, would easily see the product details or contact the sellers from contact written on sellers detail bio.


Hundreds of million users, and maybe millions of them also using Instagram for business. Sellers need to be pop up, need to be noticed by the postulant buyers. One trick to make yourself noticed by the buyers is you need to be a famous seller. Sometimes the postulant buyers will check your followers or testimony from other buyer to make sure that you are trustworthy. Somehow, buyers would trust more when they see the enormous amount of followers that you have.


The benefit of buying instagram followers

With more followers on your account will give you, as a seller, more benefit:

  1. More follower means more people to see your posts everyday
  2. Make it easy for you to promote your products
  3. Cost reduction to promote your online shop. You just need a good internet connection
  4. Maybe if your products look cute, will help you gain more Likes
  5. More Likes would impact the buyers to consider to buy on your online shop
  6. Don’t forget to ask gently your costumers’ testimony, so that another costumers would see the good testimony
  7. With a lot of testimony you would have later, makes you a trustworthy seller
  8. With more followers, another online shops maybe interested to advertise their store on your account, it means more money for you will come.


How to get more followers

Along with the time, substantial followers would appear to follow you. But maybe now you would need more followers in instant. Why instant? Because maybe you would have more products queuing to be sold but if you only have 50 followers, it would need a very long time for you to sell all your products.


Don’t be panic, your followers will increase soon. The easiest way to increase your followers is by buying them. Buying followers on Instagram now become the new trend among the sellers or online shops and it is a big business on instagram. With plenteous amount of online shops which are need more followers, there are a lot of accounts selling followers. With only 5 bugs, you can have thousands of followers to your account. Go find the trustworthy accounts selling followers, looks their bio or testimony before you buying followers.



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